Strange quirks a Tourism Officer has to deal with

Fresh from the Visitor Services desk, here is a number of visitor quirks that make up a day in the life of a tourism officer:

A group of seniors just gone through the centre.

One of them came down and told me that the toilets are locked.
I said to him, no way that’s impossible as I have unlocked/checked them this morning – myself.
Kept insisting that the toilets are locked and they can’t use the facilities…
I ran up to check them – the toilets are unlocked – but they were trying out the cleaners cupboard….”
” An American tourist entered the Centre and asked for directions to the Great Barrier Reef. I started pulling up information on flights, and travel agents, but he insisted he only had an hour. Misunderstanding him, I quickly printed off a list of travel agents and handed it to him. After a few confusing questions back and forth, I finally realised he wantsedto visit the Great Barrier reef in the next hour…by car! I tried to remain professional as I explained that his proposed trip would be impossible, considering the Great Barrier Reef is in Queensland: 2400kms away, about 2 days straight driving!”
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